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Advanced Professional Massage Therapy




16 Months


About the Course

Massage therapy is one of the most ancient healing practices practiced today. At Wholistic Training and Research Centre, our philosophy is rooted in the belief that massage therapy is a delicate balance of scientific Western Medicine and the energy healing flow of Eastern techniques. Our massage therapy program is carefully designed with this harmony in mind. Start your educational journey towards natural healing by taking one of our massage therapy programs. 

Did you know Massage therapy continues to gain popularity and recognition by both the public and the health care communities? By 2029 the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 21% job growth! The opportunities for massage therapists are rapidly expanding. Jobs are not only found in resorts, spas, and gyms, but are also increasingly available in medical centers and specialty standalone clinics. 

In addition, as insurance plans have moved to provide coverage for massage therapy, the job market continues to expand rapidly. It has quickly become an attractive and lucrative profession, and its flexibility fits seamlessly in today’s fast-paced lifestyles. 

Required Courses

ANAT101 - Intro Anatomy & Physiology
ANAT140 - Medical Terminology
ETHC100 - Assessment & Ethics
HLTH102 - Self Care for Therapists
HLTH131 - Therapeutic Exercise
MGMT104 - Intro to Management
MGMT107 - Business Applications
MGMT204 - Business Management
MGMT208 - Business Ethics
MGMT310 - Introduction to Accounting
MGMT331 - Business Marketing
MSTY105 - Relaxation Massage
MSTY110 - Breast Massage
MSTY121 - Lymphatic Massage
MSTY133 - Seated Chair Massage
MSTY 177 - Basic Baby Massage
MSTY205 - Therapeutic Massage
MSTY207 - Deep Tissue Massage
MSTY220 - Orthopaedic Massage
MSTY237 - Pregnancy Massage
MSTY241 - Sports Massage
PATH201 - Fundamental Concepts in Pathology
PATH211 - Illnesses & Diseases
PHAR311 - Pharmacology for Massage Therapy

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