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Basic Clinical Massage Therapy




6 Months


About the Course

The Basic Clinical Massage Therapy program is a 500-hour massage therapy course for beginners that focuses on the principles of relaxation and therapeutic massage therapy training.  Wholistic Health Training & Research Centre blends both Western and Eastern medicine to provide you with an education that is transferable to plenty of other career paths. If you are already in the holistic health field and are looking to incorporate massage into your field, our Basic Massage Therapy program is perfect for you to enroll in.


If you are looking for a career change and are still not completely convinced that Massage Therapy is the right career for you, try out our Basic Massage Therapy course for beginners. This is a great program if you are interested in Massage Therapy but not sure if you want to take the full 2200 Massage Therapy Program. If you choose to advance to the 2200 Hour Massage Therapy Program, you will only have 1700 hours left to complete to obtain your Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) License. This program seamlessly combines hands-on healing with basic business acumen, preparing you for a successful and fulfilling journey in clinical massage therapy. 

Required Courses

ANAT101 - Intro Anatomy & Physiology
ANAT140 - Medical Terminology
ETHC100 - Assessment & Ethics
HLTH102 - Self Care for Therapists
MSTY105 - Relaxation Massage
MSTY205 - Therapeutic Massage
MSTY133 - Seated Chair Massage
MGMT104 - Intro to Management
MGMT107 - Business Applications

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