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Psychosomatic Therapy


6 Months


About the Course

This program will provide an in-depth view of psychosomatic therapy. Through lectures, assignments, case studies, practicals and discussions, students will be shown the practical application of psychosomatic therapy and in which ways it can help the body from pain, tension and stress. Students will get a taste of how emotions, the body and mind relationship as well as thorough assessment and consultation processes, all play together to create a cohesive therapy. Psychosomatic therapy gives an overall knowledge of how to deal with grief, trauma, mental health disorders as well as practice effective self-care. Psychosomatic therapy is a natural science that has long-lasting benefits for anyone that is suffering from mental illness, disease or pain. 

These classes will be instructive, fun, practical, but we hope you find it engaging and useful in order to advance your career. This program is designed to be an addition to your career, and for massage therapists it is a useful way to conduct a more effective assessment. Understanding the root of their problem through their answers in the assessment, as well as markers on their body, therapists are able to create a more in-depth treatment plan, which could greatly benefit your clients for longer-lasting benefits. 

Required Courses

ANAT 119: Anatomy for Holistic Practitioners
PSYC 101: Psychological Life of the Body
PSYC 102: Mind-Body Connection
PSYC 151: Habits
PSYC 202: Body-Emotion Analysis
PSYC 207: Mental Health Disorders

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