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6 Months


About the Course

This program will provide an in-depth view of reflexology of the foot, hand, face and ear. Through lectures, assignments, case studies, practicals and discussions, students will be shown the practical application of reflexology and in which ways that it can help the body from pain, tension and stress. Students will understand how reflex points in the foot, hand, face and ear can impact different organs in the body and how those points can be worked for the long- term relief of pain and stress. Reflexology is a natural healing science that has long-lasting benefits for people of any age that is suffering from pain, stress or blockages. 

These classes will be instructive, fun, practical, but we hope you find it engaging and useful in order to advance or start your career. This program is designed to be both an advancement to your already established career, or to give you a start into a career of holistic health. Understanding the inner workings of the body and how all the organs are linked through various reflex points, students will be able to help their clients achieve longer lasting relief. 

Required Courses

REFX 105: Foot Physiology & Mechanics
REFX 106: Foot Reflexology Treatment
REFX 205: Hand Physiology & Mechanics
REFX 206: Hand Reflexology Treatment
REFX 305: Face & Ear Physiology & Mechanics
REFX 306: Foot Reflexology Treatment

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