Wholistic Health Training and Research C entre
Welcome. We are pleased to offer formal and informal studies in massage therapy & other wholistic modalities. Your interest and commitment to a natural, nurturing approach to health care is vital to the practice of massage therapy & wholistic modalities. Whether you envision a career as a professional or prefer to learn for personal enjoyment, our aim is to provide quality education. You are assured of the highest course standards as well as, our diploma programs are some of the highest recognized programs across the country. With an education from our learned instructors you will find yourself with the right tools to be successful.

Our courses are designed to prepare the adult learner to meet and exceed the requirement for employment as an individual in the wholistic field, in their private practice or in the offices of physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, health spas and physical therapists. Our graduates have a level of education and hands on training well above the industry standards. 98% of graduates have jobs and are working in the field of their study locally and abroad.

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